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In the 1930s, Dr Edward Bach founded the Bach Flower Remedy system using 'essences' (the vibrational life force/energy) of flowers found in the English and Welsh countryside, which help bring balance and harmony to negative emotions making every day life easier to cope with.

Once a person's emotional state was rebalanced, Dr Edward Bach (a Harley Street doctor and bacteriologist) saw their physical state improve. He also found that recovery from illnesses would speed up, health would be easier to maintain and overall a person would experience general well being.

The remedies are split into 7 groups: fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances, loneliness, over sensitivity to influences and ideas, despondency or despair and over care for the welfare of others. By talking through how you are feeling, generally or momentarily, I will be able to ascertain which remedy or remedies would prove useful for you to use.

Bach Flower Remedies