About Sarita

bach flower remediesI first came across The Remedies in 2008 not long after another death in my family. At the time I was running a very busy and successful doggy day care and over night boarding service. Whilst walking through the fields with my well trained but lively pack of charges, I was listening to a talk radio show. A lady rang in to discuss how she got through a stressful time in her life using 'Flower Remedies'. Having always had a keen interest in all things natural, my ears pricked up and l listened intently to the caller's story. I was fascinated as to how 'little drops of water and flower life' could make someone feel better. So, later that evening I looked up these 'Flower Remedies' and although I was extremely sceptical, I booked myself and my Mother on the Level 1 course at Nelsons, in Central London.

That weekend took us on a very interesting emotional journey and my thirst for learning more about how these remedies could help everyone I knew (including myself), grew and grew. I purchased the box of remedies so that I could try them out on myself and the rest as they say, is history. After a few more life changing challenges, completing Levels 2 and 3 of my training and copious amounts of study, in 2011, I became a fully qualified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner.

Thank You for your interest and I very much look to forward to treating you.

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