The Remedies

bach flower remedies

In the 1930s, Dr Edward Bach founded the Bach Flower Remedy system using 'essences' (the vibrational life force/energy) of flowers found in the English and Welsh countryside, which help bring balance and harmony to negative emotions making every day life easier to cope with.

Once a person's emotional state was rebalanced, Dr Edward Bach (a Harley Street doctor and bacteriologist) saw their physical state improve. He also found that recovery from illnesses would speed up, health would be easier to maintain and overall a person would experience general well being.

There are 38 remedies in the system, each associated with a basic human emotion. Some of these are:

By talking through how you are feeling, generally or momentarily, I will be able to ascertain which remedy or remedies would prove useful for you to use.

Having been asked many times how the remedies work and to put it simply; the 'vibrational energy' or 'life force' of each flower is able to rebalance your emotions, thoughts and feelings, restoring well being and calm once again.

For example, on a cold, dank, grey, wintry day looking out of the window, can make you feel sad, depressed, lethargic, less motivated, your worries and stresses may triple in size, they may then whirl round and round in your head and before you know what, you are diving back under the duvet and not getting on with your day. Now imagine sitting on a beach at sun set, the sky is a multitude of serene colours, the fragrance of exotic flowers engulf you, waves are lapping on the beach and the sand is between your toes. You feel energised, happy, ready to face your challenges, motivated, calm and able, right? Your heart and soul feel nourished don't they? This is how The Remedies work. Imagine having drops of sunshine throughout your day, enabling you to cope, deal with and get through all of life's ups and downs. Bliss...

Another way to look at The Remedies is this: imagine bottling up all of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, every day you add a few more to that bottle and every day the lid becomes more and more difficult to screw back on. The bubbles of your emotions, like bubbles in Champagne, are trying to come out, one way or another. So before they either store themselves up inside your physical self and then manifest into an illness or disease, or before the lid bursts and there's an unsightly, devastating explosion, The Remedies assist in supporting you through the transition of coping with each emotion, thought and feeling, to the point where those bubbles aren't causing harm anymore.

During a consultation with me, I will provide you a supported place for us to explore how you are feeling, we will break it down into as many parts as we find together and at the end, I will give you a personalised mix of The Remedies to take.

The period of time you take the remedies for, depends on whether the emotions you are feeling are fleeting or a character trait tendency. The remedies are 100% natural. They contain the life force or 'vibrational energy' of each flower or plant, spring water and a small amount of alcohol for preservation. Alcohol free versions, are also available. The remedies are safe for all the family to use including your pets and plants.

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