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I have had wonderful success with the Bach Flower Remedies over the last few years of working with Sarita. We all go through life challenges from time to time and for me the remedies worked really well when I was going through some life changes. The remedies helped me to emotionally feel stronger, more resilient and able to cope with the changes. Sarita is an expert in this field of therapy and helps you identify clearly what is happening with you and what combination of remedies is required to deal with the emotions arising so that you feel safe, balanced and in control. Sarita is warm, caring and knowledgeable.

The consultations with her will not only help you find the right remedies for you to use but they also help you to understand more about the situation you are in and what changes you need to make in yourself. For emotional support and strength I strongly recommend a consultation with Sarita, who is a specialist in this field of wonderful Bach Flower Remedies.

S. Pool - Business Coach

Sarita has been my saviour on more than one occasion. On each occasion, she has listened to me and discussed at length what I was feeling and going through at the time. Sarita has a beautiful, calming affect on people and as such I felt at ease discussing my anxieties and troubles. Each mix of remedies she had prepared for me, helped me get through my dark days, my insomnia and the dark place I was in, on every occasion.

Without Sarita and Dr.Bach's flower remedies, I would not have managed those times as well as I did. A positive and truly beneficial alternative to anti depressants (which had been prescribed by my G.P and I refused to take), there is no doubt that Sarita has what it takes to be a therapist in every single way.

E. Laudriec - Aroma therapist

I first started using the Bach Flower Remedies in 2010. I was feeling very low in my life and also had some personal family issues. I contacted Sarita and spoke to her briefly over the phone and explained how I was feeling. I had a consultation with Sarita within a couple of days. Even though Sarita was a total stranger to me, I felt very comfortable with her.

She allowed me to take my time and waited patiently for me to talk. After a 90 minute consultation, she made up my remedy. She explained how to take it etc. I couldn't believe it but on the fourth day I felt a difference. It had definitely made a difference to my confidence. Sarita contacted me to find out how I was feeling a few days later. I was feeling and thinking like a different person. It really does work. I recommend Bach Flower Remedies to all my friends and family as I have complete faith that the remedies work.

J. Suri - Beauty Salon Owner

I had a real problem with over thinking and over analysing - my mind would not rest. As a consequence I could not sleep. Sarita prescribed a Bach Flower Remedy mixture, that when I took regularly, calmed my thoughts and approach to certain situations. At that time, it was an appreciated relief for my soul. Thank you Sarita.

D. Lora - Sales Manager

Just writing this review is testament to the positive effect I’ve had using the remedies because before taking them, I would’ve come up with so many reasons not to, such was my lethargic and negative nature.

Earlier this year I felt drained and lost in my job as a journalist with one horrible news story after another, slowly but steadily having an impact on my life and well being. I needed help and was looking for answers. A year ago I would’ve thought that the remedies were hokum and a waste of my valuable time but thankfully I went against my prejudice and natural cynicism and tried something new.

It’s a choice I haven’t regretted and believe it’s one of the better decisions I’ve made in the past few years.

I found the consultation half of my treatment just as important as the remedies themselves, on par to the ‘Steam before the shave’ to open up those pores!! I quickly realised it was very important to be honest during these cathartic sessions in order to gain the maximum benefit.

In some ways, the old saying of ‘what you put in into something is exactly what you’ll get out it’, totally applies here.

For me the results were immediate and spectacular. After 3 courses of treatments with fine tuning, I’m well on my way to becoming who and where I want to be. Its hard out there and any help you can get, you really should grab with both hands.

A. Morgan - Journalist

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